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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Project to start on

As I was driving to pick my daughter up the other day, I was driving by Walmart and Menards. As I looked at this empty field I couldn't believe it. All this trash, not just some items scattered around, I am talking about mass quantities of trash. I plan on this week (maybe tomorrow if it's nice out), taking some pictures and forming a letter to send to those businesses - demanding that something be done. Maybe these businesses (Kohls/SamsClub/Walmart/Menards) feel no obligation to pick this trash up because it isn't in their parking lot, but this trash is due to the business that they have brought in, and in my opinion IS their responsibility. I couldn't believe how disguisted I became over this, I just couldn't believe that it even got to that point.

Anyway, if anyone would like to let me know and as soon as I form the letter and get everything together, some signtures from concerned individuals may not be a bad thing to have. Let me know, and I can email you the letter. If you don't live in this area, maybe you can take a look along your local malls, etc. I know when I go to other towns I always look around to see my new surrounding and unfortunately I usually see a lot of trash and shopping bags that have been blown and are pressed against fence lines. Also, keep logging in and you can see exactly what I mean when I post some of those pictures of what some of these "superstores" are doing to our towns environmentally.


GutU_8EYyMKtABIdDRHWHZwdyMEw said...

This is a big problem that I found as well in my city and I am astonished that it requires individuals to come forward instead of the big box stores taking some initiative to maintain the aesthetics of our communities. I pick up trash in and around my house/neighborhood so it should not be too much to ask corporate America to do the same.

Khrysania said...

I agree that businesses should take responsibility for the well-being of the communities they inhabit. It happens in the city I live in as well. Part of the problem is the individuals that go to these stores who do not respect their own communities. However, I believe the businesses should take more action to curb it or clean it up.

Some of these same businesses are the ones that don't want to see bottle deposits in our state expanded to include all bottles and cans. I think it would help our environment greatly if these were included. Only time will tell.

Our communities do need to take more of a stance with the corporations on these kinds of things. Thank goodness there are people like you that take the initiative!

Daisy said...

I suggest a letter to the local paper as well. Bad PR will hurt the businesses where it counts - by losing them shoppers.