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NOTE: The birds & squirrel pictured at the top of this page and in the slideshow below are just a few that I have helped rehabilitate.
WARNING: Please do not touch a wild animal, especially the young ones. If you remove a baby from it's home, sometimes the mother is just off getting it's baby food and will be back.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

GreenSpot-On Wildlife Q & A #1

Welcome to the very first GreenSpot-On Wildlife Q & A! Here are my first questions recieved from some of the students from Stocking Elementary in Grand Rapids, MI along with my responses for them...

Question: How menny times a day did you feed Kirby?
Name: Courtney Age: 9
Grade: 3rd School: Stocking Elementary - Grand Rapids, MI

JRouse's Answer: When I first took him in, I was feeding him every
2 hours at first (yes, even during the night). Then as he got older I was able to space out his feedings more. Eventually it was every 4 hours and until the point where he was able to eat some solid foods (like apples - although he loved grapes), after that he was able to build up to milk and seed.


Question: What tipe of cats do you have?
Name: Gabby Age: 8
Grade: 2nd School: Stocking Elementary - Grand Rapids, MI

JRouse's Answer: I have two cats, a domestic longhair and a domestic shorth
air. I had three total, but my oldest passed away 3 weeks ago. My remaining two are both black cats. They are both rescues (not full bred cats), and my shorthair is actually a kitten that I took in when he was 24 hours old. His name is Talon, he had been abandoned by his mother and was brought in to me from people that had found him. My daughter became very attached to him, so instead of adopting him out, I actually ended up keeping him.


My little oinker (Talon)!


He is now 2 years old and 16 1/2 pounds (yes, he eats very well)!!!


Opie is my long hair and she just turned 11 years old and I have had her since she was 4 weeks.


Question: How old is Kirby? What does Kirby eat?

Name: Aidan Age: 7
Grade: 1st School: Stocking Elementary - Grand Rapids, MI

JRouse's Answer: Kirby is about a year now. When I took him in to rehab he was actually only a couple of days old. He had an injury at first where we wanted to make sure he would be releasable. Due to one of his "toes" not being able to retract properly, we actually had to amputate it. If he had been released with his toe in the state that it was, it could catch on something, causing him to have a more serious injury. But, he recovered well from the surgery and was able to be released!!! Hi, Aidan

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