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Monday, June 15, 2009

Am I green enough? Let's look at a week in the life of Daisy and see.

Good: We had new windows put in on about a third of our house. One third was done a few years ago, this is the second batch, and the last (and most difficult) will happen when we can afford it. The new windows will be more energy efficient than the old, saving us money in the long run. Bad: the process generated lots of construction garbage.
Good: the foreman told me that the biggest pieces will go up on Craigslists because people use them for decorations and art.

Good: it's summer, school is out, and I'm driving less.
Bad: when I do drive, I drive a minivan.
Good: The minivan isn't bad as gas-guzzlers go, and it does carry our bike rack when we want to take the family bikes somewhere.

Good: The garden is growing!
Bad: The weeds loved the last rain, too.
Good: I put down a cardboard layer and weighted it with thick boards leftover from our old deck. This area, with nothing planted, will provide a dryer base for the zucchini plants as the vines grow and spread.
Bad: A few tomato plants don't look good. Leaves are spotted, lower leaves wilting.
Good: Most of the tomatoes are doing well. If these few don't make it, the crop will be okay. Next year, I'll plant them farther apart.
Good: The pea plants are thriving! They're looking bushy as all get out.
Bad? or just curious?: They're not hooking onto the wire cages I gave them. I thought peas liked to twine. Maybe not.

Bad: We use a commercial housecleaning service, and they came Tuesday. The carbon footprint is medium-high, with their specialty car taking them from house to house.
Good: They use environmentally friendly cleaning products (I checked).

Good: I haven't used any house water in the garden; the recent rains took care of that and filled the rain barrel as well. I already want a second barrel; three days of rain would have filled both!

Bad: I use a dryer, not a clothesline. I washed sheets and towels Thursday.
Good: I use dryer balls, not chemical dryer sheets, and I hang the towels overnight first to let them partially air dry. On the extra credit side, I sometimes compost the dryer lint. How's that for balance?

There are definite weak spots in my green-ness, but they balance out with the rest. When the farm market starts Saturday, I'll be there with my cloth bags in hand! I can't wait to get local and fresh foods for my family, and that's on the good side in many, many ways.


Sammem said...

Wow looks like you are really contributing to living a green life. I commend you! And good luck with those pesky weeds and second rain barrel!

Oh in response to my last comment, I go to the University of Oregon.

Daisy said...

Taking small steps is all we can do, and small steps are good.