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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chapstick (and Other Products) For the Greater Good

Hello readers,

I'd first like to offer a little confession: I've been on hiatus from this blog for quite some time now. The end of last semester and my leg surgery over the holiday definitely took me down a few notches in terms of blogging availability... but I'm back!

I trust that everyone had a restful and relaxing new year and are back in the swing of things like I am here. I've settled back into my routine and have been thinking about green initiatives to keep me occupied during the wintertime here in Ohio. One recent change that I made had to do with my choice of shampoo. Even though this seems somewhat mundane, I think some of the most trivial choices can be some of our best and worthwhile.

but have recently switched to Nature's Gate Chamomile & Lemon Verbena

... for the simple reason that (for about the same price) I am assured that it is ecologically safe, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free... and better for my hair and scalp (I have VERY sensitive skin.)

Anyway, thinking about this minor change also spurred me to question some of the other things in my posession that I rely on daily during the winter months. Case in point: a chapstick that I use religiously that boasts it is "earth-friendly personal care for the greater good." That's a pretty weighty claim to make about a chapstick!

So yes, I use the classic Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm:...and after doing some detective work of the ingredients list I'm still happy to note that it is ALL NATURAL! Looking over the website, I'm also reassured of a few of the company's other initiatives concerning green living, sustainability, etc. Maybe this chapstick is for the greater good! I know that it has had an impact on me (I hate products that add alcohol so that they make your lips more dry, thereby resulting you needing more of the same stuff. It's like an addiction.)

Anyway, peruse a few of the products you rely on once and a while and do some research to find out if they really do measure up to the words that they place on their labels. Kids can also do the same and they might begin to learn new things about the true meanings of "organic", "green", and "natural." I'm going to put on a fresh coat of lip balm right now... my lips are feeling pretty dry =)

Hope your February is unfolding nicely! Until next week! -BA


arshad said...

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icare said...

Hi, love your site! I love finding sites that help to educate others about helping animals and the earth! I have one and created mine to help inspire others to make better informed choices. Was just curious, why use lip balm made with beeswax? I am veg*n and choose not to use products made from animal derived ingredients - I am not perfect but I try to be. I wanted to share some cruelty free options for lip balm that might interest you: Evolution of Smooth, and Eco Lips, These are also noted on my website, just fyi. Thanks for caring and much luck with your site!

Khrys said...

icare, thank you for visiting GreenSpot-On we hope you will continue to visit us in the future! Only one of our authors is vegetarian. I myself am against animal testing, but still eat meat:) Some of us like to focus on natural but sustainable products, beeswax is one of those. Thanks for sending us your suggestions on other lip care products though, I am sure one of us will check them out:) If you have any other products that might be vegan friendly or other suggestions, we would be happy to include them. Thanks again for your time:)

P.S. Could you send us a link to your site, we would love to include a link to it from GreenSpot-On!


icare said...

My website is Thank you for offering, I would love to exchange links! I will add you to my list of link partners which can be found at the bottom of every page.