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Monday, May 3, 2010

Seed Inventory!

A few years ago I had the misadventure of planting too late because I didn't buy seeds in time. This year, I'm more prepared. I bought some last season as the stores were clearing out their stock. I ordered some seeds online, ordered tomato and pepper plants from a nearby environmental charter school, and then stored them all in my little blue basket.

Here's the inventory:

Plenty of beans! Pole beans (green), bush beans (wax, yellow), all set to produce beans in Green Bay Packer colors just in time for the NFL preseason. Don't judge me; the NFL draft just concluded. Not that I need a reason to think about Packer football, mind you.
Peas! I bought two kinds; sugar snap and one other. I've only grown sugar snap peas successfully, and those only once. What's the major difference? Can anyone tell me?
Carrots: I don't usually plant carrots because our backyard is such a hard, clay-based soil. But after ten years of tilling compost into it, the garden plot now turns easily. Easily enough to grow carrots? We'll see. No matter what, my bunnies enjoy the greens.
Squash: I have one packet of summer squash (zucchini) and one packet of neck pumpkins from City Slipper. That should be plenty for my small garden.
Lettuce: two types, could use more.
Herbs: already started thyme and basil indoors, can start the oregano later. Or sooner, if I end up with another egg carton.
Flowers: a few, courtesy of's variety pack. I'll plant the Shasta Daisies (of course!) as soon as I find a special place for them.
Tomatoes: started two kinds from seed, with more coming from a school fundraiser. Next challenge: get the new tomato plot ready.

So ... what do I need? Spinach, a couple more kinds of lettuce, and that's all. I'm quite well prepared for planting. Now if I could prepare as well for report cards, the end-of-school year madness, our remodeling project, health care reform, the fall midterm election, my children's upcoming graduations, and subsequent plans, I'd be set for life. Uh-huh.

At least the garden planning is in place.


Royal Ranch said...

Baby steps...they get you there every time!