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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What does "green" mean anyway?

Good morning readers! My name is Jenny (aka "BA") and I will be contributing to GreenSpot-On on Wednesdays. I have been interested in nature writing, ecocritcism, and various other environmental issues for some time now. I live in Bowling Green, OH (I KNOW! Very appropriate/ironic location considering the blog's main topics right!?) and I'm studying for my PhD in Communication Studies... and even though I've lived here over a year now, I still consider my heart to be in Michigan. That's where I grew up and spent so much time outdoors. I hope to relocate there after I've finished my dissertation. Other introductory information that you might like to learn about me can be gathered at my personal blog:

or my professional website:

But enough about me... on to the elusive meaning of "green." I'm quite sure this notion has been considered by various other bloggers, environmentalists, etc., yet I'd also like to address it here. What does it mean to you? Are there varying levels of "green" living and/or "green" products? Is this just a lifestyle choice or a unobtainable goal?

These questions occupy my thoughts every time I throw something in the recycling bin outside my door. Different federal institutions as well as various corporations intend to impress us with the meanings and underlying reasons why we should go green or greener, but I'm always curious as to what/why green is framed in a certain way. Here are a few prominent links that attempt to impress upon the masses what "green" means:

Out of these sites, which are legitimate, long-standing, and credible? Do they all stand to benefit or profit in some way? These are the types of questions that we should be asking and hopefully encourage our children to ask. I'd love to see how kids would respond! Here is a video of how adults (who, consequently, are also preaching about their sustainable products) conceive of the word "green":

What does green mean to you?

What does green mean to you? from Babe Elliott Baker on Vimeo.

Warren Wilson College Mountain Green 2009 Sustainability Conference

Anyway, these are just a few random thoughts. To me, the idea of going "green" is a means for us all to strive for. Even the most ridiculous stuff I throw away is seriously pored over, because I never know where the waste I create is going. Understandably "green" is a mindset that I believe can be adopted, yet should be thoroughly pondered. In my lifetime I've witnessed many ecological decisions rendered in terms of the "green" moralistic platform, but they are sometimes weaker than what were intended.

For next week's blog, I'd like to foreshadow with a quote from my dad: "Dirt is alive and it eats poop."

Cheers- BA


Khrys said...

To touch upon the questions you ask in your post. I would like to say that to me, the aspect of my going green means preserving wildlife and habitats for future generations of my family to enjoy; to make my neighborhood a better place for children by taking the extra effort and getting involved in the community and by picking up the trash that blows into my yard and into my neighbors yards. I recycle. I also support local farming by buying produce from the farmers market while growing my own veggies. Teaching my children about nature and more! There is more than one way to be green and it isn't just about recycling. There are many more things that fit into the category than can be named!

I'd like to Welcome you as an author to GreenSpot-On Jenny! Great post, I look forward to your next one as the quote by your Dad cracked me up. He must be quite a hoot!

BA said...

Awesome! And yes, my Dad is character... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree hahaha